What’s Next?

After finishing three Ladies of Disgrace stories, I’ll probably put that idea aside for now.  However, I’m so happy at the great reviews Lady Charlotte has received!  Thank you very much.  It was a fun book to write, and it appears everyone likes Charlotte.

What’s next?  I’m still mulling over my options regarding what to write – contemporary, historical romance, time travel, or another family saga.  In my files, I actually have three other books I’ve started writing, but they’ve all fizzled out.  Not feeling the muse.

At the present time, I’m seriously considering another family saga based on my family ancestry.  I have amassed such a wealth of information from the rags to riches story of my second great uncle and his descendants from the 1850s through 1930s.  From the struggling poor, a family suicide, the will to succeed, with subsequent marriages and children  I have enough plot to take up the first book. Then success arrives, political careers begin, wealth is amassed, more children are born, family members die, children are left orphaned, and the elder children of the family begin to participate in the family business.  When the patriarch of the family dies, the older sons squander their wealth.  I can see it as a three-book series at the moment.  Naturally, I’ll have to fictionalize my family name, and based on the multiple characters, that may take some time.

To be frank, I feel driven to write this series.  Perhaps while doing so, I may dabble in a few other books along the way.  My hope is not to drag the series out over years and years like I did the Legacy Series.  My goal is to finish all three books and then release them three to six months apart.

Those are my plans at the moment.  Of course, everything I say, write, plot or do is subject to change and my whim!

All my best,