The Portrait of Perfection – New Release

A Portrait of PerfectionLast year I saw Crimson Peak. Though it really didn’t scare me as much as I thought it would, it did pique my interest in Gothic Romance. The very dark side of romance is a genre that I have not dabbled in before. However, like anything else there is a first time for everything.

Meet “A Portrait of Perfection,” which is my first attempt at a dark tale of possessive love and betrayal. Though it doesn’t have all the elements of Gothic Romance, it culminates in a rather Gothic result of possessive love.

I’m not sure that I will stay in this genre frankly because I often find it hard to think of the dark side. However, I’ve known my share of sociopaths that have crossed my life, as well as controlling men. I’ve woven those elements from experience into the story.

The book is erotic, but compared to those who write in the genre, I know I don’t do it justice. Let’s say I leave more to the imagination rather than giving you the step-by-step details of everything that happens behind closed doors. Nevertheless, sexual exploit and control play a large piece of the puzzle in the story.

In any event, I hope you enjoy. For the first three months, it will be exclusive on Amazon, which makes it available for Kindle Unlimited and a five-day free sprint.

Thank you for letting me dabble a bit on the dark side of romance. It was an interesting stretch of my imagination.

The book should be up on Amazon by April 4, 2016. Feedback and reviews are welcome.