New Book Covers!

Most of my covers have been designed by me, and frankly, I’m not a great designer.  Dark Persuasion and The Phantom of Valletta were done by a designer, as were earlier versions of The Legacy Series. Recently, I made a business decision to redo all of the covers for these series, and I believe it was a wise investment. The Legacy Services Ladies of Disgrace Romance with a Kiss of Suspense. I’m shouting out a huge thank you to Dar at Wicked Smart Designs for her exceptional talent and eye for design.  You can see all of my updated eBook covers at retailers and on this website. It will take me a week or two to update all of the print versions, but they will be done shortly.  Let me know what you think?  What are your favorites?  I certainly have mine. Thanks, Vicki Read More

The Price of Passion – What Was I Thinking?

Let’s face it, sometimes you read a book and have expectations. As an author, I understand that many of my readers have held expectations as to the outcome of my characters in The Legacy Series. A few have found fault about the paths I led them down while others have enjoyed them nevertheless. Like people in real life, we expect certain things out of characters. Their behavior can disappoint us or thrill us, depending on the choices they make in life. In The Price of Passion both Robert and Jolene are faced with decisions regarding who they will marry. As writers who study character development, that is really is what it is in a nutshell — the development of personalities that our characters possess. Each is slightly flawed or extremely flawed. However, if you haven’t picked up in the series by now, each main character is really faced with how Read More