The Seaside Affair Release Update


I have worked very hard to get the print version ready for release and will be approving the proofs in the next day or two.  You may purchase worldwide on Amazon or at other retail locations such as Barnes & Noble.  The book should be available on August 1 or very close to that date.

Thank you so much!  And I hope you enjoy The Seaside Affair.

Each time I release a novel, I’m reminded of this quote by Winston Churchill.  It expresses my thoughts exactly when I’m feeling frustrated about being an independent author.

Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with it is a toy and an amusement. Then it becomes a mistress, then it becomes a master, then it becomes a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster and fling him to the public.