The Seaside Affair – Where to Buy

The Seaside Affair is only available at this time in eBook format on Amazon for $3.99 or is free to download if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.  You may ask why the eBook is not available on Kobo, iTunes, or Nook.  It’s pretty simple.  Amazon requires exclusivity when an author enrolls their book in Kindle Unlimited distribution.  That means that we are not allowed to sell the eBook on any other platform in digital format.  Enrollment in Kindle Unlimited is for a period of 90 days.  My usual practice is to rotate my books in and out of KU.  Eventually, I will take The Seaside Affair out and distribute it wide to other retailers.

Many readers in Kindle Unlimited are also unaware of how authors are paid under this program.  An author is paid each time you read a page and flip it to the next on your Kindle device.  The average payout per page is $0.004 (with some odd further calculations).  That means, each time you flip ten pages, I make roughly $0.04 cents. Royalties under the Kindle Unlimited plan for authors are much lower than if someone purchases the book outright for $3.99. In this scenario, authors make 70% or 35% of the sale price, depending on what country the sale occurred.  I like to educate readers about the Kindle Unlimited program because many do not realize how authors are compensated.

In the meantime, you can always read the print version.  It is available on Amazon worldwide and at other retailers for purchase.  The book is 6×9 and contains 336 pages.  In USA and Canada the print version is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Eventually, in the weeks ahead, check,, Indigo, and Chapters.  In the UK and Europe check Book Depository, Blackwell, and other online retailers.  For Australia check Booktopia and Fishpond Books.

If you love to write reviews, you can download an eBook version for free at  Currently, 30 copies are available so head on over and grab one.  I’m asking for reviews on, but you may also post on Goodreads.

Book two release date is scheduled for December 1, with Book Three not far behind.  Thank you!