The Seaside Affair – August 1, 2020 Release Date

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I have been working very hard on getting the book ready to send to Victory Editing in mid-June.  There have been a few changes here and there, and I’ve attempted to tighten the story in some areas, fix a few plot holes, and expand other chapters. This reminds me of why I like to write shorter books! It’s been quite a few years since I’ve hit the 84,000-word mark.

Nevertheless, the book will is up on Amazon for pre-order.  I have decided to release the book on August 1st.  Since I won’t have the edited version back until late June, early July, I need sufficient time to finalize the manuscript, and format for eBook and print.  When I’m pressured, it’s easy to miss things so I want to take my time. Hopefully, the ebook and print will be released within a few days of each other.

The Seaside Affair will only be available in eBook format on Kindle Unlimited because I decided to enter it into the Kindle Storyteller Writing Competition.  It has to be in KU to be eligible.  Afterward, I will release the book wide, i.e. Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, and others in November.  However, if you wish to read it, the print version will be available to purchase on all other retailer platforms (Barnes & Noble, Amazon worldwide, plus others).

I have started this family saga with multiple characters, comprising four families, that can be used as spin-offs for additional books. I’m seriously considering expanding it to the next one – The Village Affair.  Stay tuned on that decision.

Below is the official synopsis.  The book is classified as historical fiction, set in 1840 England, with romantic and family saga elements.  The romantic elements are squeaky clean, so if you’re looking for a “hot” book, you may wish to try Lady Jane instead if you need to blush.  Thank you, everyone!

Over twenty years after their mother left the seaside resort of Aycliffe on the English coast, Elizabeth and Francis Edwards, visit on holiday. They are invited by long-time friends of their mother, who are saddened to hear of her death. Upon arrival, the siblings soon discover that the sleepy seaside town is plagued by family drama and plots of self-preservation. Gossip, greed, deceit, and lust are the vices hidden under the sands of time. As Elizabeth and Francis unearth the truth about their mother’s life at the resort, a shocking revelation comes to the surface. In the end, lovers find the courage to embark on adventures, while others accept change and new discoveries.