My Thoughts Are With You

I wanted to take this moment to reach out to my readers during this difficult time that affects everyone worldwide.  For the past ten days, I’ve been home, only peeking my head outdoors to take out the garbage. My groceries are delivered to my door, but unfortunately, not everything I order is in stock.  Currently, I have 24 rolls of toilet paper, one can of Lysol spray, and two boxes of tissues.  I’m good!  On the concerning side, I’m 70 years of age – yes, I’m that old – so I’m taking the Oregon “stay-at-home” orders seriously.

Many authors on Facebook have talked about what they can do to help readers.  The suggestion was made to discount books, so I have lowered every book to 99 cents.  Because I do not make the majority of my income from writing, I feel bad that it is impacting other authors who are dealing with lost income as a result of this pandemic.  Even my son lost his job as a bartender/server, and I’m sure some of you are also feeling the effects financially during this difficult time.

As I sit in my bedroom alone, the isolation doesn’t bother me much.  I have been an introvert at heart most of my life, and have been single for the past twenty-two years.  With my pesky cat at my side and an unfinished book screaming at me to get to it, I have enough to keep me busy.  I’ve even done a little spring cleaning to keep active.

I write this hoping that you are all well and safe.  Please take care of yourselves, during this uncertain season.  Who would have ever thought in our lifetime that something like a pandemic would change all of our lives?

One day, this too shall pass, and all will return to normal.

Sending my thoughts and blessings.