Kindle Unlimited & Updates on Leighton Family Saga

I’ve officially pulled all of my books from Kindle Unlimited, which is the service where you can subscribe for a monthly fee to read multiple books.

Unbeknown to many readers, the services are plagued with problems.   Suzan Tisdale wrote an open letter to Jeff Bezos regarding the KU stuffers, scammers, and thieves that may be an eye-opening account I encourage you to read.  CLICK  HERE.  Other authors are leaving the service as well and releasing their books on all platforms such as iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.  If you are unaware, to be in Kindle Unlimited, you must sell your soul and be exclusive with Amazon.  Authors are banned from selling their books anywhere else.

If those problems are not enough to discourage authors, the fact that I make a whopping four cents when someone reads eight pages of my book is enough to keep me in the poorhouse of authors.  Sure, it’s great to read the works of others cheaply — we all want bargains, including me.  Nevertheless, as an author, a lot goes into writing a book — my blood, sweat, tears, hours of writing, rewrites, not to mention the expense of covers, marketing, distribution, editing, and the like. When you become so devalued in the craft that you love, it often sends you into a depression and the never-ending question of why bother to write at all? Of course, I’m not really in it for the money (if I was, I’d be writing smut and making millions), but it helps like any job to pay the bills. I write because I’m driven to write, and I love storytelling.

On another note, I’ve finished book one of Toil Under the Sun, which is currently in rewrites and edits.  If you haven’t been following me on my new blog regarding the book, you’re missing out!  Lots of juicy details, historical blog posts, and plenty of quotes about bricks.  Hop on over at Leighton Family Saga to subscribe and get updates.

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