Lady Grace – eBook Release Date 8-1-17

Lady Grace is on track for release in eBook form on August 1.  I will be uploading it to Amazon and Draft2Digital on July 29th.  Once distributed it will be available for sale.  The print version is in the works and audio will follow.  Below is the “dreaded” synopsis.  I term it as such because I hate writing them!  As always, thank you for reading and supporting me as an author.

 “As a young woman of twenty-one, Grace did not think it unusual to marry a man of forty. Though she wed a kind and respectful man, something remained absent from their relationship. Before she could fully understand her growing despondency and restless emotions, England declared war on Germany. Like a jig-saw puzzle turned upside down, the pieces of Grace’s life scatter in different directions. When her husband leaves for France to fight for king and country, Grace is left behind to face years of loneliness, temptation, and loss. After the declaration of peace, the picture puzzle of her life is reassembled but paints a vastly different scene than it did before.”


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