The Phantom of Valletta (Gothic Romance)

PHANTOM OF VALLETTAHopkins’ depiction of our small island is masked in Gothic imagery. Valletta is painted as seeping with darkness, threatening to cover all semblance of truth so reality is hidden from view. “

The Malta Times
“Goodbye Paris, Hello Valletta” August 22, 2010

Another chapter in the life of the infamous Phantom of the Opera continues, as he leaves Paris and moves to Malta in search of a new beginning. Clothed in secrecy, he purchases The Royal Opera House in Valletta, which has been destroyed by a devastating fire. The burned-out shell becomes his new obsession, in an attempt to bury the pain of his past. He is determined to resurrect the structure from ashes and return it to glory.  A moving story of change, retribution, and love.

A heartfelt thank you to the isle of Malta, who even before the release of this book, found an interest in The Phantom of Valletta.  The Sunday Times contacted the author requesting a copy of the publication and subsequently published a book review and interview on August 22, 2010.  To read the article, CLICK HERE.