The Leighton Family Saga

Join me at my new blog, The Leighton Family Saga, which is my new and ambitious project to sweep my readers into another world from 1860 Victorian times in Manchester, UK to the 1930’s. The saga is based loosely on my own family heritage with all sorts of drama, soap opera antics, love stories, family conflict, affairs, and everything else that makes a family saga so much fun to read.  It’s a rags to riches to rags story that will sweep you into another time. My preliminary plan includes the following books.

  • Toil Under the Sun (Book One)
  • Slave to None (Book Two)
  • Just to All (Book Three)
  • Vanishing Vapor (Book Four)

The first book should be released by Fall of 2018, with the second through fourth to follow in three-to-six month intervals.

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